Robert Gruber rgruber at
Fri Dec 16 09:15:05 UTC 2005

On Thu Dec 15 14:54:09 2005, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Could you avoid commented out code? There's quite a bit of this in debugger 
> part already.
You're absolutely right, it accidentally slipped in.

> And actually, why do you need to first communicate state to gdbcontroller, 
> then check it in gdbcontroller?. Would not modifying 
> variableTree::slotCurrentFrame from:
As far as our baseclass DbgController explicitly supports a state where no 
locals will be retrieved I thought why not using it!?!

If you prefer not to use it, I'll be glad to change it. 
But if so, we should consider removing this state (s_viewLocals) at all. Until 
my commit yesterday it has been checked by GdbController but has never been 
activated at all.

Greets, Robert

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