improving debugging experience ;)

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Thu Dec 15 18:46:05 UTC 2005

On Thursday 15 December 2005 20:47, Christian Parpart wrote:

> > Probably, I need to first implement plain variable tooltips for KDevelop
> > 3.4 ;-)
> So, as you know what I mean, sorry, I'm sometimes somewhat stupid in
> describing my ideas/issues in english, that's why I made this video for.
> plain tooltips is already a request (#60168) FYI.

Yes, and a most voted-for request in the debugger, and IIRC, in the entire 
KDevelop. I've already tried to implement it, but got stopped by deficiences 
of QToolTip interface in Qt3. Maybe I'll just implement my own tool tips in 
the end.

- Volodya

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