improving debugging experience ;)

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Thu Dec 15 18:14:07 UTC 2005

On Thursday 15 December 2005 20:03, Christian Parpart wrote:
> On Friday 09 December 2005 14:03, Christian Parpart wrote:
> > I made a little demo video showing this up (and something else):
> >
> >
> so, could you watch this demo video?

Yes, although not instantly. For some reason, Debian package of mplayer has 
VMnc codec, but does not mention it in codecs.conf, and it took quite a while 
of figure out.

Now I understand what you mean and indeed, that would be nice to have. OTOH, I 
don't yet know how to implement this in current Qt/KDE. 

Probably, I need to first implement plain variable tooltips for KDevelop 
3.4 ;-)

- Volodya

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