which KMainWindow?

Alexander Dymo adymo at mksat.net
Tue Dec 13 18:02:05 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 13 December 2005 02:39, Alan Ezust wrote:
> I'm having a difficult time understanding which MainWindow class is
> being used where.
> In particular, I use the "tabbed pages" mode, which has some dock
> windows with tab panes inside them.
> Which class is that?
> I noticed a bunch of "mainwindow" classes which have no documentation
> on the top.
> What is SimpleMainWindow? If DMainWindow is the "simplified idea
> mode", what is the "full idea mode"?

Oh, that's a tough question :)
There are two hierarchies of main window in KDevelop,
first is


which is used for "Simple Ideal Mode" (should be default in KDevAssistant).

and second is

which is used for all other UI modes. Tabbed UI mode uses NewMainWindow
but all functionality is provided by KMdiMainFrm which is from kdelibs/kmdi.
For KDE4 we will not use kmdi-based one for sure.

> What is the classname the docked tabbed widget full of tool views?
> Where is it created?
The thing you're asking is probably KDockWidget class. It's created
somewhere in kmdi library code but the widget itself is from kdelibs/kdeui.

> Also, is there a tool or a way to export and import the shortcuts in
> KDevelop?
No, but this should be done globally at kdelibs level. Then KDevelop will have
the ability to import/export shortcuts.

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