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Christian Parpart trapni at
Fri Dec 9 18:36:06 UTC 2005

On Friday 09 December 2005 15:39, Richard Dale wrote:
> On Thursday 08 December 2005 23:46, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > > In C#/.NET each and every little object has a common base class even
> > > called object, having a virtual function called toString() making it
> > > possible, that the debugger is able to use this function to pretty
> > > print the output of a variable's object::ToString() instead of the raw
> > > data.
> >
> > I wanted to comment on that, but then I saw you know already....
> >
> > > Of course, in C++ you simply have no really common base class, in fact,
> > > we're having several frameworks and each and everyone calls is base
> > > class different, not to mention: TObject/QObject/CObject/Object/....
> >
> > Right, C++ is not Java (don't know C#/.NET) and thus no common base
> > class and no Metaclass for information about classes...
> Well just switch to ruby, and you can still carry on using KDevelop ;).

I'm by far not willing to port millions of lines of c++ code to ruby just 
because it has a neat debugger. I'm actually trying to find a good c++ IDDE 
that fits the needs. VS.NET 2005 has really improved, but I'm not coding for 
windows here (for good). I'm just using it at work. 
I'd rather like to see KDevelop evolving in a way it can compete with that 
comercial one (that even doesn't exist for the platform I'm developing for).

I've been looking at KDevelop since early beta sttes, and used it once these 
times, but I really felt much more comfortable with KDE's konsole, bash and 
vim instead of KDevelop.

I'm trying to switch now once again for a couple of reasons. But for this 
being done successivily, I'd like to raise some ideas I'd liker to *get* 
implemented in KDevelop - experiences I made at work using VS.NET 2005 and 
things I wouldn't like to miss as well as I really would like to see on the 
feature list of KDevelop as well (and for good).

You just can't C/C++ think away.

And maybe... in some time... I'm having a not so close time frame so that I 
can contribute to my favorite graphical IDDE of choice :-)

Best regards,
Christian Parpart.
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