Contributing to Java support in KDevelop

Pramod Biligiri pramod.biligiri+kdevelop at
Tue Dec 6 08:43:36 UTC 2005

I am a software developer by profession, currently working in Java and
web technologies. I want to give a try at contributing to the Java
support in KDevelop, in my spare time.

I've used and liked KDE for a long time, and now I am feeling
interested in trying to contribute.

Can someone here point me to some resources on where I can start off?
I've never compiled KDevelop or KDE before, though I've been using
Linux for some years now and compile the occasional source tarball to
install a package.

Pramod Biligiri

P.S: I'd sent this exact mail last night but that went to the
moderation queue as I didn't use the email address that I'm using to
subscribe to this list. Sorry for the repitition.

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