Saving window geometry -- project or global config?

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Wed Aug 24 16:27:03 UTC 2005

at the moment, the width of the left tool panel is saved in the global
KDevelop config file -- not per project. Why is it so?

Specifically, I'd like to save the width of each column in the variables
window of debugger. I think that is makes sense to save that information in
the project session file. After all, the desired width of columns probably 
depends on length of variable names and values, which are different for each 

But saving column width per-project, while tool window width is saved globally
does not make sense. In fact, the best width of tool window also depends on 
project. If I have a project where variables have huge names, I'd make the 
window wider. In another project I'd make the window narrower.

1. Why the tool window width is stored in global config
2. What will it take to store in in project session file?


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