KMDI Issues

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Aug 24 02:14:16 UTC 2005


I hope somebody reading this has at least some knowledge about KMDI... I
have a app that is so far working pretty good, but there is a glitch:
The toolwindows always expand _over_ the statusbar and I could not yet
figure out a way to prevent this. I'm using the KMDI-MainWindow in IDEAl
mode and the toolwindows are created at the bottom, they have some
lineedits/kurlrequester/labels in them and what happens is this:

When opening a new document and opening the first toolwindow (having 3
kurlrequester one below the other) the line with the 3
toolwindow-buttons gets moved down and the statusbar is unreachable
until I resize the window. When I then open the 2nd toolwindow (which
has the largest height using some QGroupBoxes) the document-window is
resized a bit, so that the toolwindow fits into the main window (but
still the statusbar is not shown). Then I click on the 1st or 3rd (which
is something between the other 2 in height) toolwindow the statusbar
reappears with those 2 windows and stays visible. However with
Toolwindow 2 I always "loose" my status bar.

I know that KMDI has no future, but I'd like to delay the switch to
another KMDI implementation (like Kate MDI or the simplified IDEAl Mode
of Kdevelop) as everything else is working. But if anybody here has the
slightest idea what I could do to prevent the above behaviour, I'm


PS: I already tried to include various stuff from kdevelop's
newmainwindow.cpp where comments say "isn't it fun with stuff you have
no idea what it does" or similar, but to no avail.

Your talents will be recognized and suitably rewarded.

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