Detecting binary out-of-dateness

Vladimir Prus ghost at
Fri Aug 19 10:28:04 UTC 2005


is there any reliable method of detecting when the project is rebuild? I can
see of two approaches -- connecting to the
actionCollection()->action("build_build") and connecting to commandFinished
and commandFailed signals of make frontend. However, since plugin load
order is not defined, both methods can fail inside constructor of

Actually, I'm looking at
(should warn about unsaved documents or out of date binaries before starting
debugging) and have some questions about KDevelop core.

The bug says that the "run debugger" command should rebuild the project when
the binary is out of date. However, it's not obvious how to detect this.

1. Always running build can be slow. ("make install" in

2. Always asking a user is terrible idea.

3. To detect if application is possible out of date, I need to compare the
time when "build" command was last run with the last time a file was saved.
I can detect file saves with KDevPartController's signals savedFile and
fileDirty, but I also need to detect the last time when the project was
build, so that's the reason for my question.

Thanks in advance,

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