Broken displaying of QString's in the Variable view

Andras Mantia amantia at
Wed Aug 10 17:08:05 UTC 2005


 Since commit 442046 by Robert Gruber displaying of QString's (const 
QString &string) in the variable view is not possible. All you get is 
the memory address, but not the string content itself. Even before this 
commit it was partially broken. With revision 440103 the string is 
displayed incorrectly (t\000e\000\s\000\t) for "test", and I cannot see 
the members of a KURL.
 I don't have the earlier commit mails and I don't want to try this one 
by one and for some reason svn doesn't even like to go back in a branch 
to a date before the branch was created....
 But as not many people have touched the debugger code, please review 
your changes and fix these bugs as they make KDE developing very hard.


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