KDE4 Patch to allow testing/execution of uninstalled kparts/XMLGUI applications

Adam Treat manyoso at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 10 01:21:00 UTC 2005

Oops, I forgot an include file trying to clean up my tabs/spaces for the 

BTW, I don't see how this is contributing any 'bloat'.  If the .krcdirs file 
doesn't exist then everything goes on in its merry way...

On Monday 08 August 2005 12:15 pm, Adam Treat wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a simple patch to KStandardDirs that will allow developers to test
> and run KParts/XMLGUI applications without having to install them first.
> What I've done is to simply look for a '.krcdirs' file in the same
> directory where the application is currently being executed.  This file is
> a simple INI file like so:
> [KStandardDirs]
> module = .libs
> data = .
> The file is read and each key is added to KStandardDirs by using the
> addResourceDir( const char* type, const QString &absDir ) method.  When the
> application is loaded the KDE defaults for KStandardDirs are set and this
> all takes place before the KParts/XMLGUI machinery jumps in.  It is also
> done before the configuration system kicks in, so I had to use QSettings
> for the INI file reader.
> Advantages include:
> 1.  It is simple.
> 2.  It is build system independent.
> 3.  It can be used to find icons/wallpapers and other resources without
> them having to be installed.
> 4.  KDevelop can automatically create this file and integrate it into the
> various application templates without any hassle.
> So, whaddya think?  Should I commit?
> Adam

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