MS Visual Studio project manager

Ian Reinhart Geiser geiseri at
Thu Aug 4 17:57:45 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 27 July 2005 08:55 am, JeDi wrote:
> On 7/27/05, Ian Reinhart Geiser <geiseri at> wrote:
> > This would be an interesting plugin.  If you really want to have an
> > easier time of things you may wish to look at the "Project Manager". 
> > This is the new interface (and the one that will be preserved for
> > KDevelop4) so that all project managers can be manipulated genericly.  It
> > should support most things that the VC project manager supports.  The
> > only thing you will have to implement on your end will be the interaction
> > with the C compilers.  VS projects are a full build system, while
> > KDevelops project files are nothing more than wrappers around the native
> > build system be it QMake or Autotools.
> >
> > None the less, this would be interesting because it would at minimum give
> > us a VS build manager on linux, as well as a migration path from VS.
> Is there already some documentation about the new project management
> system? I had a quick look at the code, and at first sight it seems
> very readable, but some high-level documentation would be even better.
This is the annoying part, it is not terribly documented. But its pretty sane 
once you get your head around it.  All of the work is in populating your 
model and syncing it.  Once you have that done the rest will happen via 

> Is the new project management system already used in the current
> version of kdevelop? Or how would I be able to test it? I'm very busy
> right now, so I'm targetting this build system for kdevelop4. I'm not
> planning a release with the old project manager (or it should be very
> easy to port afterwards).
yes, there is a QMake plugin started.  There are also some custom importers.  
These currently only deal with importing data, the QMake one is actually 
trying to modify things.  The plus is that if there are issues in the model 
stuff you can ask for features to get what you want.

> If I find some documentation, and I understand the kdevelop project
> management code well enough, I will investigate how hard this will be,
> and post my ideas and problems about the implementation.
Personally I think the hardest part will be implementing the MSVC build 
system.  You will basicly have to do everything by hand that Make does for 
you.  I am not sure how much dependency information is stored in the VC 
project file, but you will be at the mercy of that.

 -ian reinhart geiser

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