Can't build current KDevelop

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at
Sat Nov 20 11:54:07 UTC 2004

I've just checked in a Ruby source code debugger, but I can't get it to build 
with the current version of KDevelop in the cvs. I get errors like this:

fileviewpart.cpp: In member function `KDevVersionControl*
fileviewpart.cpp:151: parse error before `>' token

KDevVersionControl *FileViewPart::versionControl()
    return extension<KDevVersionControl>("KDevelop/VersionControl");

It's a problem with the 'extension' template class in kdevplugin.h:

    template <class Extension>
    Extension *extension(const QString &serviceType, const QString &constraint 
= "")
        KDevPlugin *plugin = extension(serviceType, constraint);
        if (plugin)
            return static_cast<Extension*>(plugin);
            return 0;

I've updated with 'cvs -z3 update -dAP kdevelop', but is there something else 
I need to do?

I've changed the ruby debugger to use the new code from the gdb one like this:

KDevAppFrontend * RDBDebugger::RubyDebuggerPart::appFrontend( )
    return extension<KDevAppFrontend>("KDevelop/AppFrontend");

KDevDebugger * RDBDebugger::RubyDebuggerPart::debugger()
    return m_debugger;

But because of the extension class compile errors I can't get either debugger 
to build..

-- Richard

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