Planned reorganizations in KDevelop source tree

Matt Rogers mattr at
Wed Nov 10 17:35:07 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 10 November 2004 07:55 am, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> I've finished cleaning up interfaces and now want to suggest moving some
> stuff out from our lib/ directory.
> The idea is to move libraries used for language support parts (currently
> lib/designer_integration and KDevDebugger interface) to
> languages/lib
> and build system support libraries (lib/project currently)
> to buildtools/lib.
> KDevDocumentationPlugin interface goes to parts/documentation/interfaces
> Any objections?

I probably don't have much clout around here. But it would seem to be to be 
better if we had the following layout for lib

 |-- languages (the cpp parser might be able to go here too)
 |-- buildtools
 |-- et al.

This way, all the source code for the libraries is in one central place, 
rather than scattered around the source tree.


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