[ANNOUNCE] cmake now supports kdevelop project files

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Mon Nov 8 19:13:04 UTC 2004


cmake ( http://www.cmake.org ) an open source, cross-platform make system now 
also supports creation of project files for kdevelop 3.
This feature will be in the upcoming cmake 2.2 release and is right now 
available from cmake cvs.
In order to use it efficiently with kdevelop you need current kdevelop cvs 
HEAD or stable branch.
cmake is basically a replacement for autotools, offering more or less the same 
amount of functionality while providing this all in just one tool (instead 
automake + autoconf + libtool + m4). cmake is now able to generate from the 
same cmake files project files for : unix make, kdevelop 3, msvc 6 and 7, 
nmake make, and borland make

This means you can write cmake files (CMakeLists.txt) and have cmake generate 
kdevelop 3 project files, which can be loaded directly by kdevelop, no need 
to "import" the project.


P.S. since 2.0 cmake also comes with some basic KDE support macros
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