Cleanup of KDevPlugin and other interfaces

Richard Dale Richard_Dale at
Mon Nov 1 23:24:06 UTC 2004

On Monday 01 November 2004 21:45, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> I have one proposal on how to cleanup our interfaces. We can use
> KDevPlugin::extension() methods to reduce the number of methods
> and interfaces we have (look at the patch). The idea is to provide a way
> to query for any extension which might be available.
> My patch removes all stuff about source formatter from interfaces.
> Patch for cpp support shows how extensions can be used.
> extensions.tar.bz2 should be extracted into lib/interfaces dir.
> Other suggestions are in attachment.
Can I add this suggestion - a Package access type for java, and using enums 
for access in the interface:

class CodeModelItem: public KShared
        Package  // Needed for java

class FunctionModel: public CodeModelItem
    int access() const;
    void setAccess( int access );

Shouldn't these be an enum rather than ints?

-- Richard

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