Import from VCS

Andrea Rizzi rizzi at
Mon Nov 1 11:46:36 UTC 2004

Hi all,
I wrote a couple of kdevelop 3.0 plugin to use it as developement platform at 
a CERN experiment.
It seems now I have a problem with latest kdevelop since the "Fetch" button in 
the "New project" wizard is disabled.
I use that button to interface kdevelop with our release system (it is quite 
hard to explain in few words).
Is there a way to activate it again? Why did you decide to disable it?

BTW, in kdevelop 3.0 the code to auto-detect the project type was hardcoded in 
core kdevelop so there was no way for an external plugin to say "this kind of 
directory/files structure belongs to me", is this still the case with newer 

Please CC me since I'm not subscribed.

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