Building error

Amilcar do Carmo Lucas amilcar at
Tue Jun 29 12:18:06 UTC 2004

nani nani nani wrote:
> I am using Linux RedHat 9 and I have encountered an error while installing KDevelop-3.0.4
> source file.
I advise you to use KDevelop HEAD version instead of 3.0.4.
Take a look at the website for the requirements, and instalation instructions:

> But I'm wondering right now is that the installation was completed but
> without graphviz and doxygen. And after that, I have installed graphviz source file but
The error below is probably because you do not have lec and yac instaled or your sed is not working.
Try to get binary rpms of graphviz and doxygen, it's easier and safer.

> I've encountered an error as below. Actually, I already have KDevelop 2.1.5.Can I just
> install the current version without removing the previous version?

> And furthermore, where
> can I find file? Thanx for the help..
I have no clue, I've never compiled graphwiz, better ask at graphwiz mailing list

Have fun,

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