[Bug 67746] Changing version in project options does not affect Makefiles

Sebastien sebastien.laout at tuxfamily.org
Mon Jun 21 14:24:02 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From sebastien.laout tuxfamily org  2004-06-20 14:42 -------
Even in KDevelop 3.0.4 it still here.

I'm obligated to find/replace (thank you KFindReplace) all version number by hand.

So, start a new project, and give it an unprobable version number (like "FooX452..bar;G" :-) ) and use KFindReplace to find all occurences, and be asured KDevelop update all those files when version number is changed.
With this process we could be sure the version will be REALLY changed.

My 1 cent.

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