Crash when invoking the context menu

Jens Dagerbo jens.dagerbo at
Sun Jun 20 18:56:03 UTC 2004

On Sunday 20 June 2004 15:02, Andras Mantia wrote:
> Hi,
>  I got this crash today when I invoked the context menu on a function in
> a header file. I saw similar crashes in the past days. I have CVS HEAD
> from some days ago, running on KDE CVS HEAD. The crash is reproduceable
> on the same file (kdewebdev/quanta/components/csseditor/csseditor.h,
> right click on setForInitialPreview).

No crash here. How old is "some days ago"? We had this problem a week or so 
ago, but it has since been fixed. Please update to latest and try again. :)


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