[Bug 61031] Author Name doesn't accept special characters

Sascha Cunz mail at sacu.de
Fri Jun 18 01:00:12 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From mail sacu de  2004-06-18 00:27 -------
Closing it again now, because fixed in HEAD.

HEAD behaves like:
  - replace "<", ">" and "&" with xml entities (<, > and &)

  - leave every other thing as it is, because we store utf-8 and it
    should be pretty safe to have i.e. "ä" (ä) in an utf-8 file.

  - "]]>" which is also not allowed in XML does not get translated, but
    i assume, that the underlying QDomDocument will do that if neccessary.
    However, i consider this a rare bordercase ( which is critical only if
    one embeds <[CDATA[-TAG-containing-xml into xml - what we do not do ).

The problem for KDevelop 3.0.x is still present.

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