kdevelop "make install" doesen't honor prefix dir

Sascha Cunz scunz at ng-projekt.de
Fri Jun 18 00:51:04 UTC 2004

> I've stumbled over a slight build mistake, when trying to install current
> CVS. "make install" tries to create the directory /usr/kdevbdb while Making
> install in bdb.
> It should probably adhere to --prefix.

from chat:
<sacu_> teatime, running the bdb configure with "--prefix=$prefix/kdevbdb" 
results in the bdb files being installed to "$KDEprefix/kdevbdb/lib/libbdb.a" 
and "$KDEprefix/kdevbdb/bin/db_dump" - i assume we should move that to the 
"correct" kde prefix, so that bdb libs are installed where all other libs of 
kde are too.
<teatime> I assume so
* sacu_ sets up kmail and responds to the mail cc'ing adymo :)

Fabio, it actually uses the --prefix setting. in "prefix" it creates a 
"kdevbdb" directory and installs all the bdb files there.

Alexander, can we use "--prefix=$prefix" instead?

Do we need to "make install" in bdb at all? If i see this right, we're linking 
staticly to the libbdb.a, right? Is there a way to omit the make install call 
in bdb subdir?

Cheers Sascha

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