[Bug 83227] kdevdesigner crashes loading multiple ui files

Jens Dagerbo jens.dagerbo at swipnet.se
Sun Jun 13 03:40:06 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From jens.dagerbo swipnet se  2004-06-13 03:39 -------
CVS commit by dagerbo: 

When there is already a kdevdesigner part loaded, the "old msghandler" 
is actually the same as the one of the current part due to it being a 
static function.

Avoid recursively calling self and eventually crash, instead just let the 
error through to stderr

CCMAIL: 83227-done bugs kde org

  M +1 -1      outputwindow.cpp   1.2

--- kdevelop/kdevdesigner/designer/outputwindow.cpp  #1.1:1.2
 @ -99,5 +99,5  @ static void debugMessageOutput( QtMsgTyp
         if ( debugoutput && debugoutput->isVisible() )
             debugoutput->append( s );
-        else if ( OutputWindow::oldMsgHandler )
+        else if ( OutputWindow::oldMsgHandler && OutputWindow::oldMsgHandler != debugMessageOutput )
             (*OutputWindow::oldMsgHandler)( type, msg );

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