[Bug 76178] CVS change to branch

Mario Scalas mario.scalas at libero.it
Thu Jun 10 21:52:05 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From mario.scalas libero it  2004-06-10 20:48 -------
Ok,  it seems that we are using different cvs components ;-) Actually there are two: an older CvsPart (named "CVS" in the context menus) which has lesser features and a newer CvsService (named "CvsService"): the latter is the one I'm speaking about. You should check that:
1) the plugin is activated in the "Configure KDevelop" dialog (settings->Configure Kdevelop->Plugins and check "CVS integration (Cervisia)", the other CVS can be disabled safely).
2) if you do not see any other CVS integration than the standard one then you have to recompile KDevelop after ensuring to have Cervisia installed (part of the kdesdk package). Since you are using gentoo you have just to run "emerge -U kdesdk kdevelop" and wait for the job to complete: re-check step 1) and you should have what you need :-)

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