[Bug 77282] New full featured tabs

Miguel Tadeu m_tadeu at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 8 17:18:45 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From m_tadeu yahoo com  2004-06-08 12:28 -------
Here is a compilation of all requisites that i find useful for this tab control.
This might mean that the Qt control can't be used, but....i guess the functionality justifies it.


1 - Join tabs with the same file name and different extensions in the same tab( configurable )
2 - Close tab/group button( configurable )
3 - Different text colors for read only, not saved, current view, cvs, etc
4 - Multi-line with max rows configuration( 1 for single line entusiasts )
5 - Drag'n'Drop ordering
6 - Icon for each file( configurable )
7 - File and group conetxt menu
8 - Location in window( top, bottom, left, right )
9 - Shortcuts for opened filed
10 - When max rows is reached, make it scrollable

Configurable means that the feature can be desabled.
The scrollable feature, in my point of view, should be paged, and not tab by tab( i guess its easier to find a tab in a page then in a position array ).

Feel free to enhance and discuss this requisits :)

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