[Bug 63328] tab reordering feature request

Eduardo Robles Elvira edulix at iespana.es
Fri Jun 4 19:20:16 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From edulix iespana es  2004-06-04 15:39 -------
Mantia Andras:

> I also see a possibility to drag by accident if the dragging is done with the left mouse button

Actually, this wouldn't be a problem but a way to discover the feature! if someone unintentionally moves one tab to another no side effect would occur. He/She simply would realise how to reorder tabs :-). 

Moreover, I don't think that someone could execute that action unintentionally: it's not very normal to right click in one tab, and keep the mouse button pressed while moving the cursor.
The only problem I can see appears in konqueror. And it's that such action is already  being used for drag&drop tabs with a different behaviour:

 - If you drop the tab into another, then the URI of the tab you dragged would be shown in the tab where you dropped it.
 - If you drop it in a blank space, a new background tab will appear there with the URI of the tab you dragged.
 - If you keep the mouse while dragging in another tab, that tab will be shown.

Personally I think that reordering should work dragging with the left mouse, because the behaviour described is the same as dragging the URI directly from the URI toolbar =). 

What's more, the problem appears only in konqueror. The konqueror's drag&drop instead of reordering would just not fit all the uses of tabs: in kopete or konsole or even kdevelop the reordering behaviour would be the best and probably the only comprehensible option. I think that it should be activated by default  ;-).

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