[Bug 82662] new feature: (global) cursor position history

andreas braendle abraendle at gmx.de
Fri Jun 4 00:37:21 UTC 2004

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#ifndef CURSHIST_H
#define CURSHIST_H

// written by (C) Andreas Brändle <abraendle gmx de>  10.01.04
// published under GPL

// TODO: Implement this useful feature also into other IDEs/editors!!


You need:

* 4 application-global keys: Left, Right, Up, Down
(Light-version 2 keys: Right, Left  -also possible)

* one application-global object of this class

* the editor-views must know about this object and inform it when the cursor position has
  changed, because - a character was entered
                   - cursor keys pressed
  especially NOT when - Page/UpDown pressed
                      - Mouse clicked

  also when a file/view is closed

* catch the events for the 4 keys globally and change to the appropriate view+cursorposition

thats all...


// TODO: IMPORTANT! change the "QEditorWiget*"-pointers to what is needed to identify the view!
class QEditorWidget; //DEL THIS LINE!!


struct CursHistEntry {
  QEditorWidget* FileId;
  int LineCol;  // (Line 0..2^24-1) *256 + Column 0..255 to save memory

const int GCPH_BLOCK=7;    // num of lines within which a cursor movement is not to be stored twice
const int GCPH_HISTSZ=260; // size of history list
const int GCPH_HSTACK=16;  // size of history stack


/* Purpose: 
     Implements a global cursor position history 
class CGlobalCursorPosHistory {

	// store/update positions
    void CursorChanged(QEditorWidget* FileId, int line, int column);   // inform this class!
    void FileClosed(QEditorWidget* FileId);                            // clean up history list
	// get new position
	QEditorWidget* NavigateBack(int &line, int &column);     // Ctrl-Alt-Left  for example
	QEditorWidget* NavigateLeave(int &line, int &column);    // Ctrl-Alt-Up    for example
    QEditorWidget* NavigateForward(int &line, int &column);  // Ctrl-Alt-Right for example
	QEditorWidget* NavigatePop(int &line, int &column);      // Ctrl-Alt-Down  for example 

    CursHistEntry* m_hist;
	CursHistEntry* m_stack;
    int num;                  // number of valid entries
	int curr;                 // entry with last known cursor position (current)
	int num_s;                // number of valid entries in stack



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