katepart rightclick behaviour change

Jens Dagerbo jens.dagerbo at swipnet.se
Tue Jun 1 23:44:05 UTC 2004


It seems katepart's rightclick behavior recently changed. It used to place the 
cursor at the position that was clicked, before opening the context menu. As 
of recently (dunno, a few weeks?) this seems to have changed.

Was this change deliberate or did it happen by accident? Is there a chance the 
old behaviour will come back before the 3.3 release? 

The current behaviour hurts KDevelop quite a bit. At least half the entries we 
put in the context menu work on the "current word". Where you used to be able 
to rightclick a word to grep for it, or look it up in ctags or the 
documentation (or.. etc..) you now have to make sure to first leftclick to 
place the cursor.

This is particularly disturbing since one has gotten used to being able to 
just using the rightclick. What happens is that you expect the old behaviour 
and rightclick and end up with the wrong context, perhaps not even 
understanding what goes wrong.


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