[Bug 72358] ideal mode, stick view overlap mode

Wojciech Jarosz wkjarosz at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 22 15:19:02 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From wkjarosz hotmail com  2004-07-22 00:12 -------
Happens the same for me. I was about to submit a bug after finally figuring out how I can positively reproduce it, but then found this bug listing. This is how I can always reproduce it:

1) Open up KDevelop and load a project of some sort and open up some files.
2) Click on one of the tool view buttons to show it and select it to be in "shrink the editor" mode.
3) Click on the tool view button again to hide it.
4) Close KDevelop.
5) Re-start KDevelop. Projects will load and window settings should be same as before...
6) Tool views will be hidden; click on the same toolview button to show it. The tool view's overlay button will be depressed, indicating "shrink editor" mode, but the tool will actually be in "overlay" mode - inconsistent. Clicking the overlay button two times puts the view back into a consistent state.

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