KDevelop 3.1 - Release or postpone?

Mathieu Chouinard mchoui at e-c.qc.ca
Thu Jul 22 02:37:03 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 21 July 2004 18:08, Jens Dagerbo wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a simple question to the devel team: Why are we releasing?
> The OSS credo of "it's done when it's done" is something I doubt anyone
> would apply to KDevelop-3.1 at this point. Not to trivialize the release
> process and the troubles/efforts that goes with it, but the KDE release is
> as far as I can tell the _only_ reason we have to go into feature freeze
> right now.
> Is this a good enough reason? What's the alternative?
> The large recently contributed TrollProject patch made me think about this.
> It's apparently an important patch to what is arguably one of the most
> central parts of KDevelop. So much in fact that Amilcar is apparently
> trying to squeeze it past coolo right now. Assuming he's unsuccessful, do
> we leave it out for another 6-9 months? (Wild speculation on KDevelop-3.2
> timeframe.)
> What about the other unfinished / semi-unfinished / unpolished stuff?
> # I found 2-3 mildly to severly misleading or downright wrong strings in
> KDevelop last night. This was without looking for any. I'm sure there are
> more.
> # Embedded KDevDesigner is experimental but has ended up as the default
> handler for .ui files and there is no currently mechanism to configure
> KDevelop otherwise. It also has no way of showing the new splash screen
> (no, not important, but the similar images does help to create the feeling
> of a unified development platform - appearance is important. :) )
> # KNewStuff integration hasn't happened, but it was a large part of why the
> appwizard rewrite was done. The appwizard still feels a little flakey, and
> sure is slow.
> # My own vapourware project - plugin profiles - is currently just a
> hardcoded restriction in appwizard. I'm embarrassed, but I hadn't time to
> finish it. I need another week at it.
> # I started looking at bumping the plugin version last night, but quickly
> realized that this needs to be done in parallell with a discussion of which
> plugins to actually save and which to kick. (For instance, I had a quick
> look at the subversion plugin, and it doesn't look very fit..) Should be a
> different thread.
> # Amilcar spoke of fixing Run options a bit, something that's really
> needed. The whole run/debug/automake confusion here is in painful need of a
> cleanup. Setting of executable run directory is something that's apparently
> important for some also.
> # And to really mix it up: Roberto said he'd start committing his new cpp
> stuff in a few weeks. No one (apart from him) knows at this point how well
> it integrates with the current KDevelop, but if integration is easy, is it
> perhaps better to get it in now and release a better 3.1 two months later
> than hold off on it and release it with 3.2 nine(?) months from now?
> # and of course there is more...
> I'm pretty sure we could make most of the above happen if we put another
> month of development (including akademy) into KDevelop-3.1, but this of
> course depends on if you all think this is a good idea and actually have
> time to turn up and do the work.. ;)
> I'm not saying it's not without merit to release a KDevelop-3.1 with
> KDE-3.3, but I think it would make sense to release it two months later if
> it was significantly better. Either way we should make a conscious decision
> to release or not release, not just let it "happen" regardless of the state
> of the application.
> regards,
> jd
I agree with you ... 

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