another question: concerning the tarball creation

Julien Ciroux julian.ciroux at
Mon Jul 19 11:45:06 UTC 2004

Hi again,
I am really sorry for all this questions which are maybe easy...
I want to create a tarball (not a binary) to transfer my application 
onto a microchip...
I have Kdevelop 2.1.5 and don't really want to up-date it...
The problem is: when I have created my file.tar.gz with Kdevelop and 
that I run ./configure in a new directory with the file in question, all 
the options that I would like to execute with configure 
(--host=arm-linux, --enable-static, for example...) are not put 
automatically. When I do it with Kdevelop in my development directory, 
it is work, but I don't understand the interrest of configuring the 
options before if they are not taking in account when I create a 
tar.file and transfer it on another host.
Do I have to rewrite all the options?
Thank you very much ....
Julien Ciroux

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