[Bug 69906] crash when opening existing project

Rutger ter Borg rutger at artibit.com
Thu Jul 1 18:20:09 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From rutger artibit com  2004-07-01 16:49 -------

I spent some time looking at the code, bearing in mind that the presence of the .pcs file prevents a crash. I'm using the code of kdevelop-3.0.4, and discussing the file languages/cpp/cppsupportpart.cpp. I'm indicating line numbers.

(847) QDataStream stream;

only if a pcs file does not exist (conditional):
(854) stream.setDevice( &f );

later on (either with or without 854 executed):
(904) stream.device()->at( pcs[absFilePath].second );

This (904) occurs without a check for a valid stream, i.e. it could also be unset. I am not familiar enough with Qt to known whether this statement will cause a crash, nor am I able to recompile right now.

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