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Bernd Pol bernd.pol at online.de
Sun Feb 29 21:33:04 UTC 2004

Am Sonntag, 29. Februar 2004 15:38 (UTC) schrieb Julian Rockey:
> The only thing that confused me was the "o" symbols in
> Website contents beneath "3.0.1" and "HEAD". To begin with I thought
> they were number (zero) - e.g. bug counts or something (!) before I
> realised you're supposed to click on them.
I thought them to be zeroes as well. It took me quite some time to find 
out their proper meaning. (I didn't even bother to move the cursor over 
them at first instinct.) So some more intuitive character or icon 
should be used.
But they do look good. Graphically spoken I like them. How about to fill 
them with another green so they will look more like dots than zeroes?
Have a good day,

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