[Bug 76316] F9 is used twice "run php" and "show folding markers"

Marco Krohn marco.krohn at gmx.de
Sat Feb 28 11:05:06 UTC 2004

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On Saturday 28 February 2004 02:03, Jens Dagerbo wrote:
> There isn't a whole lot we can do about that except trying to keep
> track of every kpart that could possibly be loaded into KDevelop and try to
> avoid using the same shortcuts. This is clearly not realistic.

I agree. At least doing this by hand is surely not an option.

Wouldn't it be possible to enhance the infrastructure in a way that this is 
done semi-automatically. I don't know kparts well enough, therefore the 
following might not be doable.

The one who writes the kpart, e.g. kwrite in this case, probably uses 
something like KAction / KShortcut. These shortcuts should be stored in a 
list. Now the same is done on the kdevelop side. When the kwrite part is 
loaded the shortcuts get merged and are reassigned in order to avoid 
collisions. That means that there should be a list of alternative shortcuts 
in case one shortcut is used twice. If no alternative is possible than one 
action wouldn't get a shortcut.

Even better would be giving each shortcut a priority number. This would 
guarantee that very important shortcuts such as "F9"="run" can't be 
overwritten by a low priority shortcut like "show folding markers".

As I said I don't know the infrastructure well enough if something like this 
is doable, so perhaps this is just dreaming.

> In this case, it's a little more embarrassing, since we're talking about
> the most commonly used editor part. However, IMHO, the problem here is
> katepart's frivolous use of the function keys. I mean folding markers,
> c'mon!
> For me, this is a WONTFIX. Dunno about anyone else...?

It's a bug and I am sure that it is possible to solve it somehow, therefore I 
wouldn't tag it as WONTFIX. But it's probably something which can't be solved 
on the level of kdevelop--perhaps it's better to reassign this bug to 
kdelibs? At least this kind of shortcut collision will happen more often in 
the future if kparts are used for even more things.

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