[Bug 76040] kdevelop qmake manager curly bracket qmake variables incorrectly treated as scopes

Sep Seyedi ssdev at nixent.com
Fri Feb 27 20:15:07 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From ssdev nixent com  2004-02-27 20:14 -------
Sorry I didn't notice, but the kdevelop version is: kde 3.0.0b2. The Qt version is 3.2.1 if needed.

One thing to note: I mentioned an easy fix above, but as I have used to further I have noticed that this fix doesn't last long. The qmake manager when it needs to parse the file again it seems to screw up and mess up in output the new .pro file. This is only b/c of the curly brackets for the qmake variables. I forget why I was using the curly brackets but I think it had to do something red hat 9s Qt. Anyways, since qmake allows it, I think that they should be parsed properly. Thanks. 

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