[Bug 69906] crash when opening existing project

Sebastien sebastien.laout at tuxfamily.org
Fri Feb 27 17:14:05 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From sebastien.laout tuxfamily org  2004-02-27 17:13 -------
I've installed KDE 3.2 packages for my Mandrake 9.2, with KDevelop 3.0.0.
My old project was opened well, without crash.
But "classes" side pannel was empty and so, Ctrl+J or Ctrl+Space won't work.
VERY ennoying.
Then, I've downloaded and installed KDevelop 3.0.1.
First start : crash after 100% loading.
I've even removed all config files and then set to QTEditor, and then reopen my project => crash yet exist.
For me, crash appends 100% times !!!

Note: the project load with this Classes working is slower, but it crash.
Perhapse it's the solution : perhapse a bug in the "resence classes and methodes" part (I work on C++/KDE project)...

I also have an error in console AT START OF THE LOADING :
"ASSERT: (part && parent) in partwidget.cpp (41)"
Then the project continue to load, and went to 100%... and crash :-(
Perhapse this Assert is another clue...

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