Sandy Meier smeier at kdevelop.org
Wed Feb 25 20:35:05 UTC 2004

> Perhaps it is a better idea not to show the TOC of the three versions in 
> one
> table.

Yes, I agree. KDevelop 2.x is history and it should be only on a archive 
or similar. But not so much mentioned in the frontpage. (my opinion).
I like the new fresh design very much. After some years of "old" design 
its something new. :-)

some comments:
-quick download to a sourcefile? I don't think that most users wants to 
compile a complete IDE? Requirements are very high (you need a 
c++ compiler, include files for many packages and so on). I think its a 
lot if you just want to write some python or php scripts. :-) Or do a 
quick test of the program.
-please change the name of the Program in the logo. In the past it was 
called "KDevelop", not "Kdevelop". :-)
-the left frame is to big on some pages, for instance screenshots...

Great work so far! If you need help just say.

BTW: a user ask for a search feature on the homepage. Do you think we can 
do it with google search? It will be always a little bit out of date, but 
should work quite good.


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