Document Viewer "Open in New Window" and absolute links

Stuart Haslam lists at
Tue Feb 24 17:19:02 UTC 2004


The context menu item "Open in New Window" within the Document Viewer
doesn't work correctly for absolute links, as it assumes all links are

I've fixed this and the diff output is below. I'm new to KDevelop (and
KDE/Qt in general) so I welcome any criticism.. specifically, is there a
better way to determine if a link is relative or absolute?



@@ -97,8 +97,16 @@

   if (r == idNewWindow)
-    KURL kurl (DocumentationPart::url().upURL());
-    kurl.addPath(url);
+    KURL kurl(url);
+    // link has no hostname and does not refer to a local file
+    // so must be relative
+    if (!kurl.hasHost() && (kurl.protocol() != "file"))
+    {
+      kurl = DocumentationPart::url().upURL();
+      kurl.addPath(url);
+    }
     if (kurl.isValid())
         PartController::getInstance()->showDocument(kurl, url);

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