[Bug 58502] code completion doesn't work with namespace

Roberto Raggi rraggi at trolltech.com
Tue Feb 24 10:35:38 UTC 2004


On Tuesday 24 February 2004 09:52, Steven T.Hatton wrote:
> 09:52 ------- I was going to start a new whishlist item, but it would have
> addressed this issue as a subset, so I'm going to post my thoughts here.
> This may be too resource intensive to implement, but I believe the idea is
> worth considering. I propose the code completion database be parsed by
> antlr (or whateve the proper tool would be) and stored in a tree(?) form
> representative of the visibility structure of the libraries.  Currently I
antlr??! we have our own parser for that!! it creates at least two different 
_trees_ (while the persitant PCS (Catalog) is a flat list of tags) ;)
  - the Abstract syntax tree (AST) 
  - the CodeModel tree (for code completion, searching, and so on..

the AST is very detailed, but it consume too much memory, for this reason I've 
decided to implement the CodeModel, that is a simplified AST and Catalog that 
is a persistent class store. My long term project is merge the CodeModel, AST 
and Catalog..

> can begin typing QSt and I get code completion for all the Qt classes that
it is already possible to implement such feature, but I think that it is quite 

ciao robe

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