[Bug 75577] Empty KDELib, QTLib entry in Document Tree.

Friedrich W.H.Kossebau friedrich.w.h at kossebau.de
Sat Feb 21 23:02:03 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From friedrich.w.h kossebau de  2004-02-21 23:00 -------
>From KConfigBase::writePathEntry API dox:
  It is checked whether the path is located under $HOME.
  If so the path is written out with the user's home-directory
  replaced with $HOME. The path should be read back with readPathEntry()

But the readPathEntry() calls got commented out and it was switched to using a 
map (for performance reasons?) to read the config vars in. And QDir as used 
in DocTreeViewTool::readLibraryDocs() does not know about $HOME. So api dox 
install paths living under $HOME will not be found again on next kdevelop 

Untested quick and dirty patch:
Put all "it.data()" into a "URLUtil::envExpand()".

culprit code in doctreeviewwidget.cpp:
e.g. in DocTreeViewWidget constructor:

    KConfig *config = DocTreeViewFactory::instance()->config();
    if (config)
        config->setGroup("General KDoc");
        QMap<QString, QString> dmap = config->entryMap("General KDoc");
        QString kdocdir(KDELIBS_DOCDIR);
        kdocdir = URLUtil::envExpand(kdocdir);
        if (dmap.empty() && (!kdocdir.isEmpty()))
            config->writePathEntry("KDE Libraries (KDoc)", kdocdir);
            dmap["KDE Libraries (KDoc)"] = kdocdir;

        QMap<QString, QString>::Iterator it;
        for (it = dmap.begin(); it != dmap.end(); ++it)
            DocTreeKDELibsFolder *kdf = new DocTreeKDELibsFolder(it.data(), 
it.key(), docView, "ctx_kdelibs");

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