[Bug 75512] CVS commits causes KDevelop to display the file as being edited from outside

Sascha Cunz mail at sacu.de
Fri Feb 20 22:44:02 UTC 2004

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> The commit operation saves the file using kdevelop,
> then does the commit, waits (blocks the IDE) until it
> gets the result of the commit reloads the file.

Why should we? We have other places where we execute asynchornous operations that could mess up even more. i.e. who the hell keeps the user from changing (and saving!) files while make is running? IF we make cvs commit a synchronous operation, we most probably should make MUCH other stuff synchronous too!
  - starting KDevelop
    ( some things really screw up, if kdevelop is still loading )
  - initial C/C++ project parsing
    ( some things really screw up, if kdevelop is still parsing )
  - running configure
  - running build operation
  - running a "clean" operation
  - running a vcs update operation
  - probably more...

> The problems are: 
> -Remote repositories can take a significant amoutnt of time to return.
We have a wonderful signal/slot system - and i know we are notified when compilation is done, so i assume we can do that for any KProccess we're calling, right?

>-If you have modifications that you do not want to commit, then bad luck
> because the IDE saves the file without asking you.
Every IDE - i know of does - this. If i tell the IDE to commit, it commits. Nothing else would i expect :-) 

Just to add more than my ususal 2 cent... MSVC interactively asks me what to do with a file as soon as it has been changed externally. I remember kate/kdevelop doing that at some time too, but that's has vanished meanwhile.

Cheers Sascha

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