KDevelop 3.x ClassViewWidget superclass viewing?

Jonas Jacobi jonas at linux.wiese
Fri Feb 20 17:46:02 UTC 2004

> AFAIK, there is no way to view the superclass of a class which inherits from 
> 'outside' of your project.  For example, if I have a MainWindow subclass of 
> QMainWindow, the ClassViewWidget doesn't allow me to see methods and fields 
> inherited from QMainWindow.  Is this correct?
This is correct. I'm currently working on a addition to the classview(
and probably would be finished, if i hadn't to struggle getting a runnning system
the last 3 days :(), which 
intended to be useful ;-)(i don't think the current one is). It also - besides other
stuff -  shows
superclasses as "links" and maybe i'll implement an option to show it's functions
in the subclass, too.


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