make apidox-am-yes looks in /home/apidox/public/cvs-api/

Amilcar do Carmo Lucas amilcar at
Thu Feb 19 00:41:05 UTC 2004

Steven T. Hatton wrote:

>Is this normal output from make apidox?
Yes, it is the normal output (errors) for when you do not have KDElibs 
API documentation.

>  I have some of the documentation, 
>but things such as Architecture seem to be missing, as do all the icons.  The 
>collaboration diagrams seem to have come through ok for the documents that 
>were built.  Is it possibly a problem with not having all the docs for KDE on 
>my hard drive? 
Yeap, this are the symptoms of not having KDElibs API documentation 

> If I'm installing kdevelop to a different directory than 
>$KDEDIR, will that mess up my docs?
No I think it should be OK.

We have On-line API documentation build with the latest doxygen and 
latest QT and latest KDElibs API doc.
This on-line documentation is automatically build from CVS every 24H.
More details: (take a 
look at the fist diagram on this page).

Why do you want to have the documentation locally?


Amilcar Lucas

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