[Bug 74585] Unable to debug Hello World C++ program

John Birch jbb at kdevelop.org
Mon Feb 9 10:03:08 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From jbb at kdevelop.org  2004-02-09 10:02 -------

I've read bug #58999 and this is a duplicate of that bug but I'm not sure there is a problem in the debugger code. At least i can't see it.

Here's the code (minus extra lines) that start the debugger

    if (!shell.isEmpty())
        *dbgProcess_ << "/bin/sh" << "-c" << shell + " " +config_gdbPath_
                      + "gdb " + application + " -fullname -nx -quiet";
        *dbgProcess_ << config_gdbPath_ + "gdb" << application
                        << "-fullname" << "-nx" << "-quiet";

        *dbgProcess_ << "/bin/sh" << "-c" << shell + " " +config_gdbPath_
                      + "gdb " + application + " -fullname -nx -quiet";

And this is what it produces

/bin/sh -c /home/franke/cvs/sibsim/package/debug/libtool gdb /home/franke/cvs/sibsim/package/debug/src/sibsim -fullname -nx -quiet 

This looks fine to me as a startup command for libtool but we get
the error message "Excess command line arguments ignored. ("-nx" ...)"

Now Roger mentions a problem with seeing '"--fullname"' but I don't see this and Christians output above also doesn't show this type of problem as the strings seem to be expanded properly.

But there is a problem :(

What should we try next? Send bits of code and an explanation to everyone else that's in the dark, please :-)


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