[Bug 74464] New: Coloring text, fills out memory

Eike Welk eike at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Feb 8 01:42:04 UTC 2004

Hello Örn!

> There should be a way to turn this idiocy OFF, it's ugly.

I needed to get rid of this style, right now. The procedure is not 
elegant but it works:

- open the file ~/.kde/share/kdeveloprc in a text editor.
- serach for a line with the following contents: "widgetStyle=Check"
- delete this line and restart KDevelop, the weird style will be gone.

The style is for debuging the xml menu definitions I think.
But it is also in my opinion a bug that this style gets installed when 
you click on a .ui file. Maybe you should change the subject line of 
your bug.

Bye Eike.

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