[PATCH]Re: Switching between decimal and hex watch-display

rgruber at users.sourceforge.net rgruber at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Feb 8 01:15:07 UTC 2004


I’ve done a patch which fixes four problems of the cpp debugger:

The patch ...
... fixes the problem my hex/dec toggling function had in combination with setting the output radix to hex..

... fixes the bug of calling whatis /x varname instead of whatis varname.

... refreshes the watches after changing the output radix via the project settings dialog.

... fixes the problem, that user-added watches weren’t correctly displayed if output radix was set to hex and the variable wasn’t a pointer or a struct.

John, would you be so kind to overlook and commit my patch again. I’ve tested it and everything should be fine. I’ve uploaded the output of cvs diff to http://kmp3indexer.sourceforge.net/misc/ .

Best regards,

Robert Gruber -=- rgruber at users.sourceforge.net

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