Sascha Cunz mail at SaCu.DE
Tue Feb 3 18:50:05 UTC 2004

> I just downloaded and build the 3.0 on suse 9.0 after
> some 'struggle'...anyway, it works for a 'hello' now

always nice to hear ;)

> But, I cannot seem to highlight a break point as in
> kdbg or vc++. Am I missing something??

Which version of KDE (esp. kdelibs) do you use? Is it a stock SuSE one less 
than 3.2 or are you using some Beta of 3.2, a release candidate or even a 
final? IIRC, line highlighting is supported by katepart since any 
3.2-version. In earlier days we had a nice vertical ribbon at the left of the 
editor showing little STOP-Icons. If you're using katepart, you'll have to go 
to "view -> show icon border" to toggle this ribbon on and off.

> Also, I cannot seem to find/download a c++/stl help system anywhere.

At least here it's in by default. IIRC, it loads c++ help from gcc.gnu.org and 
STL from sgi.com. Amilcar might give you better information on this topic.

> Also noticed that the inline comment '//' works
> differently then vc++ for the '\' at the end (which I
> think the whole line should be ignored instead escape
> the next line).

Cannot reproduce this problem here. Your thoughts are pretty right, because 
IIRC gcc will read // and skip everything until a line break.

> __________________________________
> Do you Yahoo!?
No :-) But i don't like auto appended marketing anyway ;)

Cheers Sascha

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