[Bug 65541] No action when clicking on errors in message window

Wolfgang Mües wolfgang.mues at auerswald.de
Tue Feb 3 14:19:02 UTC 2004

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------- Additional Comments From wolfgang.mues at auerswald.de  2004-02-03 14:18 -------
Well - I can confirm this bug.

I am using kdevelop from the 3.1.95 Suse 9.0 rpms. Working for 2 days now on a project with custom make files (C).

Normal action: F8 starts the make/compiler. Errors are displayed. F4 locates the error in the source file.

Errornous action (after 8 hours of working): Errors are displayed. Pressing F4
(if the messages window is current) display the error line in the message window. The editor window is unchanged. Pressing F4 (if the editor window is current) display the error message in the bottom status line, but the editor window is not changed.

So it seems that the locate funktion of the line number in the editor window is messed up.

If I load another project, error locating is working again. If I revert back to the original project, error locating stops working. So it is a mess up in the project files?

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