Cygwin Kdevelop no Hello World

Charles Repetti Charlie at
Mon Feb 2 22:37:01 UTC 2004

Hello, Mr. Amilcar Lucas, and thank you for your response. I have
enclosed a screen shot to help clarify my results. As you may see, there
is no "new" option under file. Also, the script error in the message box
came from the "Simple Hello World" option from the new project

 - Charlie

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Charles Repetti wrote:

>I installed KDevelop/Cygwin as per instructions. It looks great!

> But it
>would not start a new hello world project. A script error was reported,
Wich error? You have to be more precise so that we can help you!

>and I could see no way to simply start a new file.
File-> New  works fine here! :)

Have fun,

Amilcar Lucas

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