Relative URLs in KDevelop interfaces

Alexander Dymo cloudtemple at
Mon Feb 2 22:31:02 UTC 2004

KDevelop is very close to the release and I'm starting to think about
the future:)
Looking at our kdevproject and other interfaces I've remembered about
our TODO item which says about introducing KURLs everywhere in
kdevelop source and interfaces when it comes to handling files.
KURL's are good, but project managers can not effectivelly work
with them (I've tried and failed). So I set down and wrote a small
convenience library to handle relative urls to files and directories
which I'm happy to introduce. 

The library introduces four classes:
Relative::Name - only the name in form dir/file.ext or dir/
Relative::URL - class which holds not only the relative name
but also a "base". For example, consider base as projectDirectory()
and name as subproject1/file.ext or subproject1/.
Relative::File - the same as Relative::URL but works with files only
Relative::Directory - the same as Relative::URL but works with dirs only

I propose to use the classes from
this library in our kdevproject interfaces - replace QString fileName
by Relative::URL (or Relative::Name or Relative::File) fileName.
I'm not sure which will fit.
Awaiting for comments.

Alexander Dymo
Ukrainian State Maritime Technical University, IT Department
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